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Many common questions about the Basin and Range Trail can be answered by visiting The Trail, Resources and Discover pages.


Use the form below to reach out to if you have:


  • Suggestions to improve the BRT thru hike experience
  • Feedback about your BRT experience
  • General questions (recommend checking out the Official Basin and Range Trail Guidebook first)
  • An interest in helping promote the BRT
  • Media and press inquiries

A Quick Note

The Basin and Range Trail does not have a dedicated support team or a trail association at this time. This site is operated by a current and active long distance hiker, who may currently be out hiking! In most cases, emails will be returned in within 1-2 days, but it is possible that it could be a week or more before receiving a reply. Thank you for your patience!






long distance hiker eric poulin backpacking the ridgeline of the snake range in great basin national park on his 2020 brt thru hike