Discover the Basin and Range Trail

Perhaps the best way to convey the beauty and majesty of the landscapes along the Basin and Range Trail is through photos and video. Have a look at the photo galleries below to get a feel for what each section of the trail is like, and don't forget to watch seekinglost's video series documenting the first passage of the Basin and Range Trail in 2020.



Section 1 - Ely to Preston

Section 2 - Preston to Tonopah

view from the crest of the grant range in nevada

Section 3 - Tonopah to Carvers

Section 4 - Carvers to Austin

view from the toiyabe crest trail

Section 5 - Austin to Eureka

spencer hot springs with view of toiyabe mountain range

Section 6 - Eureka to Lamoille


Section 7 - Lamoille to Wells

First Boulder Creek in the East Humboldt Range

Section 8 - Wells to Wendover

Section 9 - Wendover to Ely

Schell Creek Range

Section 10 - Ely to Baker

hiker backpacker standing on mountain cliff