About The Basin and Range Trail

About the Trail


Currently, there is no trail association or advocacy group associated with the Basin and Range Trail. The best way to support the BRT at this point is to help increase awareness of this new route. As more hikers take on the BRT, it is my hope that a community of hikers and supporters will band together to become a voice for this unique and beautiful landscape. The Basin and Range Trail is a truly incredible experience, and you are welcome to be a part of it!


The official Basin and Range Trail facebook group has been started to start building a community and discussing all matters related to the BRT.


The Person Behind the Trail


The Basin and Range Trail was created, and first hiked, by Eric Poulin in 2020. After completing the Continental Divide Trail in 2018, Eric knew he wanted to continue long distance hiking, but was more interested in blazing his own path than following one. The idea became to create a new long distance hiking route through Nevada, and after months of research and planning, the dream became reality. The Basin and Range Trail is one of many new long distance hiking trails Eric is currently mapping and planning throughout the American west. 


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antique old truck abandoned in the nevada desert along the basin and range trail

hiker in mountains
Eric Poulin on his 2020 Basin and Range Trail thru hike